SLP Coin Price Prediction 2021-2022

SLP Coin Price Prediction 2021-2022

SLP Coin Price Prediction

All friends who are thinking of investing in buying what is not in the Slp coin basket, started to think again with an increase of more than 30% today. Can Slp coin be bought now or is there a way to go? Why did SLP Coin increase? What are the reasons for the rise? We sought answers to the questions of what will be the future of SLP coin.

What is SLP Coin

Small Love Potion or SLP is defined as an ERC-20 token used to produce new digital pets within the Axie Infinity platform. . A digital pet universe inspired by Pokémon.

SLP Coin Analysis

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When we look at the Slp coin chart, we see a middle horizontal band. 0.10-0.20$, we are at the starting point of this band with 0.106$ right now. Actually, we are in a very good place to collect goods, this slp has not made its move yet, it threw itself from the lowest cliff band to the middle band. 0.2$ tp2 $0.32 staggered selling leaves 2x 3x profit. If it breaks below 0.10 band, lower support is $0.55. YTD.

Why SLP Coin Increased

There are several reasons that could explain the staggering increase in SLP. First of all, the broader play-to-win ecosystem has grown significantly over the past week, following Facebook’s decision to rebrand to Meta and focus on building its metadatabase. This alone has led to an increase in some cryptocurrencies such as SAND and MANA. On the other hand, Axie Infinity announced today the release of Katana – Ronin DEX

SLP Coin Price Prediction

The future of SLP Coin is directly proportional to the metaverse, nft, game industry. This industry continues to add to it every day. Slp investment can be made by avoiding large investments. An industry that doubled in volume was an example of this today. IT IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE..